bizarre art pieces

Bizarre art pieces that were made with body fluids

Do you ever wonder what artists do when they feel creative? Well, they usually go outside and paint a picture!

But did you know that some artists actually create their art using their own bodily fluids?

Today I’m going to show you five incredibly unique art pieces created using just body fluids. Each painting was made using either blood, feces, or cumshots.

What would you consider some of the weirdest art pieces around? Some of these creations look absolutely bizarre, and they often combine bodily fluids with various materials such as water or even hair.

Weird and bizarre art done with body fluids

Piero Manzoni and cans of feces

piero manzoni artist shit

In 1961, Italian artist Piero Manzoni produced 90 tiny containers with labels that read “artist’s shit” in several languages.

Each of these containers is valued at 152 thousand bucks. The problem is that nobody knows exactly if what is inside is really crap, due to the fact that as soon as opened up the “work of art” would be considered destroyed and also would immediately lose all its value.

The doubt about whether it was excrement matter or not ended in 2007, when Agostino Bonalumi, a great friend of Piero’s, disclosed that the canisters only contain gypsum.

The secret was unveiled because of the weariness of figurative art. Despite the discovery, Piero’s fame remains intact.

Andy Warhol painted with Urine

andy warhol urine art

Perhaps one of American artist Andy Warhol’s strangest requests was, “Please, can you urinate on the canvas?”

Surprising as it may seem, Warhol wasn’t that crazy, for before his friends unloaded all their contents, he had poured copper paint on the canvas.

The uric acid reacts as a corrosive with the copper, oxidizing it and forming patterns, shapes, and gradient colors depending on the urine.

In order to experiment and create art, Andy and his friends drank and ate different things to see if there was an alteration in the chemical compound of their bodily fluids that could make something even more original using this technique.

Menstrual blood

vanessa tiegs menstrala

The artist VANESSA TIEGS, taking advantage of one of those days, has painted some beautiful pictures that are part of the project “Menstrala”.

Art with a cumshot

spermcube by philippe meste

The French artist PHILIPPE MESTE filled a bucket with semen (“Spermcube”). But as he was not from Bilbao, he had to ask several donors for help.

A bust made with the artist’s blood

bust made of blood

Self-portraits have been around since the first caveman picked up a flint and began scribbling penises on a rock wall, but Mark Quinn took this ancient tradition and added a peculiar and slightly disturbing twist:

Quinn creates a bust of his head every five years using his own frozen blood. Each mold takes 4.5 liters (1.1 gallons), which is drained from his body for five months before freezing into a mold.

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